XLPublish Demo Videos 1 to 3

Here are 3 videos with increasing lengths and detail …

The first (Using XLPublish To Publish to Power BI) is a quick (4 min) video showing how you would use an XLPublish configured Excel file on an ongoing basis to refresh the data in your Power BI Reports.

The second (The Settings Inside An XLPublish Solution) – (4.5 mins) reveals the settings in XLPublish that allow for Publishing this Source Excel file.

In the third video (Building An XLPublish Solution) – (40ish minutes) I go through the logic and the actual creation of this XLPublish configured Source file, right through your Target file, to Power BI in the Cloud, back to Power BI Desktop and then finally published as a Report in Power BI in the Cloud for viewing by your Target audience.

Enjoy and please feel free to look around our Web Site and also please send us any questions you might have.

Using XLPublish To Publish to Power BI


The Settings Inside An XLPublish Solution


Building An XLPublish Solution


We will be following up regularly with more drill-downs into the capability of XLPublish, of Excel and Power BI .. “Best Together” ;-).

Keep tuned.

Dick Moffat



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