Two-Click Publishing

Once a Source file has been saved configured with “Tagged” items, a Target Folder and File Name as well as whether or not it will be Published directly to Power BI or to an Azure or SQL Database directly you need only change the data in the Source File as the new Period (Hour, Day, Week, Month, etc.) provides new data to be Published.


Then you only need to click “Publish” on the XLPublish Ribbon …

This is effectively One-Click but the second click is just a confirmation…. But we have to say Two-Clicks … 🙂

The data in the Source file is then Transformed into Tables in the existing Target file and pushed tio wherever else you indicated it should go.

In fact … If you give this file to a user to add data, if they register with XLPublish as a Run-Time user and install the XLPublish addin, they can Publish to the Target File.   This assumes that his user has access to the Target Folder either on your Network or in the Cloud and that they have rights to the Power BI Service Workspace.  This means you can distribute the Publishing process around your organization.

Alternatively of course they can actually enter the data into the Source file without the Run-Time XLPublish and then a person WITH XLPublish installed can push the Publish button when the time is right.


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