Safe Data Storage

XLPublish includes several distinctive security capabilities designed to protect the integrity of your data.

Firstly, when you create an XLPublish tagged file you become the Owner of its XLPublish settings and with a password you define you are the only one who can make changes to the configuration. This means that files can be distributed to other users to use with the ability, through an XLPublish Addin account, to Publish only.  Your files can be adopted by someone else by using the same password.

Secondly, the Target file’s Worksheets are password protected to prevent data changes.  To change the data you must do so from the Source file or change the configuration for XLPublish if you are the Owner/Creator of the Source file.

Third, each Target file keeps a transaction log of all activity in the file, and notes the date and time, the Publisher’s login name and the source file’s full path of each data set within it.


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