How to sync your publish with Power BI

With XLPublish you can push your data directly from your Source file right to a Power BI Service Dataset EVERY TIME YOU PUBLISH AND IN REAL-TIME.

This means XLPublish will create a new Dataset in the Power BI Workspace of your choice if it does not exist yet and will refresh the tables automatically in this Dataset every time you Publish again from the Source file.

If you click the Power BI link on the green sub-tab you will get this dialog:

In this dialog you can select a Power BI Workspace from a list of ones you have used before or you can type in a new one.  You can also Reset the Power BI Push so it does NOT Publish automatically to the Power BI Service.

This dialog is only available if your Target Folder is NOT a URL .. the Target Folder must be behind your firewall.

When you Publish directly to Power BI you get “the most bang for the buck” from using XLPublish.  You can create any Charts, Tables or Matrixes you want in the Power BI Service.  Alternatively you can now use this Dataset as a Source for a Power BI Desktop PBIX file Report and get capabilities like RLS at your command (assuming that your business needs this capability).

This is discussed in more detail here:



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