How to set the Target folder

Once you have chosen the parts of your Source file that you are going to Publish using XLPublish you must choose a Target Folder in which to place the Target File that is created as a Staging source for your Power BI Reports and Dashboards.

By default in a new Source file the default location for this Target file (the Target Folder) is the same folder as the Source file itself. So if this is what you wish there is nothing to do here..

But, there are reasons why you might wish to save your Target file to another folder (say a Network Folder or a SharePoint on the network or in the Cloud or to a OneDrive folder in the Cloud) so you can type a new Folder name in this text box alternatively.

Alternatively you can Double-Click this text box and you will be able to select from a list of recent Folders that you have saved to:

You can select from this list and click Insert (or double-click the item) and you can remove items from this list while there as well.

There are reasons why you might select any of the different types of Folders other than the Source File’s folder and these will be discussed in more detail here …



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