How to set the Target file

By default XLPublish creates the file name of the Target file from the name of the Source File with the prefix “xlp_” added.

You can however edit this name in this Text Box and you do NOT have to have the “xlp_” prefix (but we suggest it as an “XLP best practice”).

This Target file will only be editable by an individual with a Developer version of XLPublish.  By Editable, we mean that the Deve/Owner can use Power pivot and Get & Transform and add new Worksheets in a Target file, while those without a Developer Version cannot.  Additionally even Developers may only make these changes IF THEY OPeN THE TARGET FILE FROM THE MANAGE DIALOG IN XLPUBLISH..

At the same time you can add a Password for this Target file here.  If you do this then ONLY a person with that password is able to maker any changes to the Target folder. In fact they will not be able to change the XLPublish settings in the Source file without knowing that Password as well.

If another Developer wants to “adopt” this file (because they are given responsibility for the Source file at that point)  they need to know the Password and then type a new Password to “adopt” the Source file for themselves.


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