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Two-Click Publishing

Once a Source file has been saved configured with “Tagged” items, a Target Folder and File Name as well as whether or not it will be Published directly to Power BI or to an Azure or SQL Database directly you need only change the data in the Source File as the new Period (Hour, Day, […]

Perform Common Data Transformations Easily

While the default XLPublish setting is to publish current Snapshots of your spreadsheet results, you can easily convert any Tagged data set to collect a sequential set of data for the number of periods you define, simply and easily (Continuous Tables). You may also merge the contents of multiple Ranges or Tables on subsequent worksheets by another […]

Safe Data Storage

XLPublish includes several distinctive security capabilities designed to protect the integrity of your data. Firstly, when you create an XLPublish tagged file you become the Owner of its XLPublish settings and with a password you define you are the only one who can make changes to the configuration. This means that files can be distributed to […]

Small Data Footprint

Many Power BI solutions today rely on pumping large amounts of detailed data to Power BI in the Cloud from which aggregations get performed.  While this is possible, we feel that it is much more efficient to pre-aggregate your data in Excel, behind the Firewall and then Publish just the data that you are going […]

Quick Development

A key feature of XLPublish is that you can use any Excel file you currently have as a Source file with little or no changes. We paid special attention to simplify the process of configuring your Source files as much as possible. Of course you can also build purpose-built Source files to take advantage of […]