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Getting Started

When you install XLPublish, you are prompted to check our Quick Start Guide. This is an Excel workbook that introduces the core features and of the XLPublish add-in and assists you in publishing your first data to the Power BI service. Before you read on, make sure to download a copy of the Quick Start […]

Advanced Target Folder Options

There are 4 places that you can use as Target Folders in XLPublish… 1. The Source File’s folder This is the default and most common place to place your Target file for many obvious reasons, most notably that the files stay together in your own personal Workspace. This of course becomes a problem (or a […]

Two-Click Publishing

Once a Source file has been saved configured with “Tagged” items, a Target Folder and File Name as well as whether or not it will be Published directly to Power BI or to an Azure or SQL Database directly you need only change the data in the Source File as the new Period (Hour, Day, […]