In 2016 Dick Moffat (from Canada) teamed up with David Hoppe (from The Netherlands) to create an Add-In for Microsoft Excel to better integrate Excel data and Microsoft’s Power BI’s Dashboarding product and make it available to every Excel user everywhere.  The result is XLPublish. Hope you enjoy it …

David Hoppe lives in The Netherlands and has been working in the financial sector for the past 10 years, currently as a Reporting specialist. He’s been working with Excel ever since.

Back in 2011, David really got hooked with designing dashboards and data visualizations in Excel. His effort was awarded the 2nd prize when he decided to compete in Chandoo’s 2014 dashboarding contest. David presented his expertise at numerous events, including the Amsterdam Excel summits 2016 and 2017.

Although David designed primarily for Excel, he is thrilled at the capabilities of Power BI as a front-end technology to Excel. David is also deeply convinced that it’s the back-end that makes for a great dashboard/reporting solution. This, and his love for Excel, is why he joined the XLPublish team as the principal developer.


Dick Moffat is a Developer and Consultant in London, Ontario Canada and has operated as Personal Logic since 1985 after a decade in the Commodities Business.

Dick has been a Full-Time Spreadsheet Developer since day one and a Database developer since 1992. Having consulted to Major Corporations worldwide.  This involved many, many custom one-off solutions of Excel and Access solutions. He has been a presenter at Tech Conferences around the world.

Dick became an early adopter of Power Pivot and then Power BI and spent a great deal of time studying the technology of the two technologies. A result of these efforts was a realization that Power BI does have connectivity back to Excel files, available processes and techniques were calling out for simplification and Best Practices in order to REALLY involve Excel users (of which there are supposedly 100’s of millions) in the Power BI Dashboarding experience.