Publish Your Excel Data in Power BI - Easily!

XLPublish is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that
publishes spreadsheet data directly to Microsoft Power BI, 
Easily, Reliably and in a Repeatable way.
Simple Installation
Just download and open the XLPublish addin. Fill out the 4-step registration and you're good to go.
Quick Development
Configure your existing spreadsheets for XLPublish quickly and easily. Then perfect your reports.
Two-Click Publishing
Move to a one-click reporting process. Refresh your Power BI reports whenever you publish new data.
Safe Data Storage
Secure your data, log changes and keep an audit trail. Use SharePoint security to manage access.
Small Data Footprint
Only save summarized data to the cloud. Remove details and minimize your data storage.
Easy Data Modeling
Model related columns with point 'n click ease. Highlight data type inconsistencies.
What does XLPublish do for you
Transform YOUR spreadsheets to web-based reports, with the click of a button!

Power BI is Microsoft’s flagship BI product that lets you present your data with stunning visual elements right in your browser.
We believe Excel is the most significant potential supplier of content for Power BI. Therefore, Excel and Power BI are definitely “Better Together”.
Why you should care
You deliver professional reports on a timely basis, with spreadsheet models that you put together with the utmost care.
But because you work in a dynamic business environment, your reports need constant “gardening”. That’s why you love Excel, its flexible as well as powerful.

It helps you get your job done! Still, each reporting period feels like a race against the clock.
Turning your Excel model into a consumable report, such as a Power Point deck or a PDF, takes too much time.
Your #1 job is to make sure the model is done right. But you care about delivering the results of your models with the biggest impact possible.

That’s why Power BI was created. And that’s where it comes in with its dynamic visualizations and sharing capabilities across any device.
XLPublish was built specifically to bridge this technology gap. 
Why you should try XLPublish
What we have found is that in many ways an Excel spreadsheet is not very compatible with the needs of Power BI on its face.
You see, Power BI consumes data in tabular format. But pivot tables, charts and traditional spreadsheet reports in your Excel models are not laid out that way.
Yet, they contain the results you want to report.

With XLPublish you Tag, Transform & Publish these results to a file that stores them in proper data tables. Power BI uses that data to create the powerful reports you want.
And every time you need to refresh your data, you just click one button. 
What XLPublish costs you
You can license XLPublish for $5.00 a month per developer and $2.00 a month per user.
As a developer you get full rights. Users can only use the publish feature.